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Pillars of New India Awards initiative is from Navabhart news and Y4D Foundation with a sole purpose of giving a platform to Youth of Maharashtra state to showcase their contribution to nation building .

The program was given flavour of competition using Unichronic Systems univotes - an Online Voting and Awards platform which enabled the youth from all over state of Maharashtra , including rural parts to register their nomination online and in their local language and showcase their work.

Nominees can then make vote appeal through various channels of social media and the highest voted person in each category received awards from Hon’ Chief Minister of Maharashtra Shri Devendra Fadnavis. Event was held in Trident Hotel Mumbai on 11th of February 2017.







From the Organizer

11th Feb Was a very special day. After 3 month hard work "Pillars of New India'' award grand ceremony was scheduled on this day. Many top notch people was going to attend ceremony.

Most important part was that Maharashtra Hon. CM Devendra Fadnavis ji blindly trusted my idea and it was the day to show that idea was worth the effort.

In November 2017 when we approached Hon. CM and explained our idea, he wholeheartedly supported it. Next 2 month Y4D, Navabharat, Unichronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.teams put fantastic show to get those golden appreciation word!

Praful Nikam
President Y4D Foundation
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From our Directors Desk

Unichronic Systems - a team of few passionate young and energetic engineers have once again proven their passion and commitment towards surpassing any challenge that comes their way! A marathon 2 months of efforts which didn't stop even at night, has earned us this prestigious appreciation award from the Organisers. We at Unichronic take pride in being part of such an innovative initiative by Navabhart News Group and Y4D Foundation. Kudos to team Unichronic !

Tushar Desai Co-Founder Director at Unichronic Systems Pvt Ltd.

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Tushar Desai
Tushar Desai

Co-Founder Director at Unichronic Systems Pvt Ltd.