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Founded in 2014, we have brought together some of the strongest and most passionate experts in the field of software product engineering. Over the years we have evolved our best practices in software design and development services. We claim our expertise in the Web and Mobile Solutions, QA services and Corporate Trainings. We deliver innovative solutions and services like UI UX design, Software Design and Development, Web Hosting and Independent Testing. Presently Unicronics is providing End to End Product Engineering Services to Startups and Enterprises. We ensure safety, security as well as the quality of client software assets & deliverables. We are headquartered in IT hub Pune , India.

Trip Down Our Memory Lane



2018 laid down a good launchpad 2019 we added 5 new technologies to our Ammunition. We started our journey in providing end to end business solutions to corporates. With addition of hybrid technologies like IONIC and REACT , Unichronic started emerging as the most preferred vendor amongst the multinationals as well as start-ups. We bagged out first major global client to provide consulting services in Microsoft technologies – Azure, .NET MVC. We are realigned our team to meet changing market demands. Now we are Lean but strong team. To be continued…



Yay! We survived the Golden 1000 days ! This year is year of growth. We added Cloud Infrastructure Management, Data Analytics, IOT and Staff Augmentation to our Services Menu. Our Director gets second recognition from Navbharat Times for the contribution to IT solutions for New India Awards. We are now trusted by India Government for prestigious projects like Bharatkojaniye - a gamified quiz portal. We complete our first Azure Cloud Migration project successfully. And we are now getting ready to open our first Overseas office in Canada



And the counter starts for the Golden Year - the third year which will take us to 1000 Days mark. We move to our first commercial setup of 1,000 square feet. We’re able to cater to a any industry any problem that client throws at us. One of our client sees potential of growth and comes onboard ! Our Team count jumps to 25. The new directors bring in projects which challenges our full capacity. Our Director gets prestigious award from Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Mr. Devendra Fadnavis for the massive project we delivered on time. We are now confident about the direction the company is moving towards.



Unichronic turns 2 and has got wiser now. We start getting repeat business from our big clients. We start up-skilling to latest technologies. We adopt Agile Methodology and our Clients loves it. We deliver our first major eCommerce project. We have our first Mobile Developer on board now. We venture our first Android and iOS app. The Employee ticker is now in double digits. And now we need a bigger office. The Directors focuses on survival plan for 1000 days.



Unichronic completes a year. While news shows there is an economic slowdown clients continue to expand their scope of engagement with us. We start working on Dynamic Websites and solutions getting recognised as Full Stack Developers. We start receiving small projects from clients in the US. The employee ticker is at 8. The directors still wondering how to grow the business? The Experts advise to survive for Golden 1000 days!



In the hope of making a difference in the world of ITService, Santosh Badal and Kailas Adaling - 2 Young Engineers started Unichronic
We start our office in a small 450 square feet apartment.
We hire our first bunch of employees, HTML front end developers.
We are a pure Website Designing and Development team.
Apart from one US client, Unichronic services companies in India to meet their Web Presence Needs.
The employee ticker is at 5.
The young directors spend a lot of time wondering how to run a business? Have we done right thing by quitting our jobs and starting this company?

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Founders | Board of Directors

  • CEO, Co-Founder
    Santosh Badal

    Santosh Badal is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unichronic Systems. Highly motivated technology entrepreneur who believes in building innovative products that make a difference. Working in IT industry since 2011. specialized in core software development web applications in the B2C and B2B domains.

  • COO, Co-Founder
    Kailas Adaling

    Kailas Adaling is Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Unichronic Systems. Kailas is a multi-skilled, energetic Individual. He superbly manages and executes the implementation of robust company policy, methodologies, and best practices.He wears multiple hats covering every aspect of the software business.